Luxury Haimas in the Desert

Layali Camp has a luxury tent camp in the desert of Merzouga at the best market price, for any questions or questions about tents or activities you can contact us.

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We invite you all to our luxury tent camp in the desert of Merzouga is a place where you will have the best memories of your life

and all this and much more at a reasonable price.

The steps of the camel that goes step by step through the soft and warm sand of the desert, the atmosphere and the absolute silence seems to have stopped the time.

The excitement of spending the night in a nomadic camp in the desert, and enjoying the most amazing night sky you’ll ever see.

Imagine riding towards the sunset, on the backs of a camel, with a colorful turban wrapped around your head, and the warmth of the sun on your face.

The Erg Chebbi stretches for a distance of 25 km from north to south and 6.5 km to the east.

The beauty of these dunes is a real magnet for both foreign and Moroccan tourists.

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Enjoy your stay with our best services offered in the middle of nowhere, we take care of all the needs that the client needs. You just have to ask for them.


35 km from Rissani, 50 km. from Erfoud and 130 from Errachidia, along the N-13 road, is this impressive dune complex, called Er Chebbi.

It is a region with climate, and desert landscape with deserts of sand “erg” and stone “hamada”. There are channels of dry rivers on which the oases in which the population centers are settled.
This population was originally nomadic, today largely settled in small towns.

The Erg Chebbi is the most accessible and therefore the best known of the small ergs.

It occupies a part of the topographic basin located between the massif of Taouz and the hamada (rocky desert).

It is about 20 km long and 4-5 km wide, and some of its pyramidal dunes exceed a hundred meters in height. The sand of its dunes has the typical orange coloration of the Saharan sands and is composed almost exclusively of quartz grains of very similar size.

Although Morocco is a fairly safe country and the Moroccan is usually quite friendly, it is necessary to know how to avoid dangerous situations.

Avoid Thefts

It is necessary to be vigilant and be cautious especially in large cities and tourist, in places where there are major agglomerations for example in the medinas or souks, since we can be victims of a theft by carelessness. It is advisable to carry the bag always closed and in a visible place, as well as the wallet and personal items. In Morocco, robbery with violence and less foreigners is not common.

Morocco has a landscape of a spectacular variety, combining desert, sea and snow with unusual ease. The southern coast extends to the limits of Western Sahara, while in the north, most of the population inhabits the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, often covered with snow. The mountains represent good protection against its eastern neighbor, Algeria.

High plateaus and fertile plains well irrigated appear between the mountains and the Atlantic coast. In the extreme south, on the edge of the Antiatlas, the gorges, like the rivers that flow at their bases, gradually dry up as they enter the endless sand and stony landscapes of the immense Sahara.

Morocco is the coldest of the warm countries. Especially in the highest regions, winter can be really glacial. In summer, in the mountains it is hot during the day and cold at night. Throughout the rainy season, between November and April, it only rains occasionally.

This is the country’s climate by zones

– The Atlantic coast enjoys mild and mild winters, the summers are warm. Very windy throughout the year and relatively cold water. Be careful also with ocean currents.
– The northern part of the country has a Mediterranean climate. It can be very hot in the coastal cities at the beginning of spring, the climate in the Rif is much cooler. Chefchaouen suffers a harsh winter and it is common to find a thick fog on mountain roads until late spring.
– In the center of the country, the climate is pleasant during the winters, the summers are particularly hard and arid. The highest peak, Jebel Toubkal, the highest point in North Africa, is 4,167 m. Thus, it is not uncommon for snowfalls greater than 1 m in some Atlas villages. In addition, in this region, the nights are cool.
– Further south, the climate is desert.

Due to its privileged geographical situation, Morocco has a privileged climate practically all year round. Although the most propitious time to visit the country is the spring, since it is on this date when its landscapes show all their beauty and also with is more temperate to enjoy it. During the summer the most recommendable area to visit is the coastal one, since besides being able to enjoy its beaches, the climate is more bearable than in the rest of the country. The north of the country during the winter has a cool and humid climate and mild summers.

If you want to visit the Morocco during the winter, you can take the opportunity to visit the region, the atlas and ski or get into the south of the country or in the desert regions taking advantage of the colder weather.

Travel to Morocco in Ramadan

In most cases we do not recommend visiting Morocco during this holiday, as the whole country is paralyzed and adapts to the schedule of this holiday, which is very common to find many establishments closed during the day.

Many Moroccans also take advantage to enjoy their holidays during this period. Another drawback is the humor, since during these days they tend to be very bad tempered and with little desire to work, something understandable due to the effort of fasting. eye! What on other dates is not frowned upon, can be seen as a lack of respect during Ramadan.

It is true that the country during this date has another life especially at night, the souks are crowded with people and full of products that are not usually seen or seen in smaller quantities at other times. It has a special charm also to travel in Ramadan, but we believe that most tourists can encounter more inconveniences than traveling during this date.


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